Helping You Find The Practice That Is Right For You

Selling a Practice

         What can we offer YOU AS A seller?

Free Confidential Meeting

We would like to have a confidential meeting with you to learn more about your practice and share more details about our professional service. Confidentiality is our number one priority, whether you retain us or not we keep all information about your practice strictly confidential.

Practice Valuation

It is very important for you to know the exact value of your practice. Asking high price can keep your practice in the market for ever; in the other hand asking low price is not fair to you and the pain of not being paid fair value stays with you for ever after leaving settlement table. We provide valuation service before listing your practice with us.

Confidential Practice Profile

After you list you practice with us, we prepare almost 25 page Confidential Practice profile.  

Pre-qualification for SBA Financing

We have established working relationships with major SBA Preferred Lenders who are specialized in Professional Practice (7a) and (504a) Financing. After Lenders review the Confidential Practice Profile and supporting documents they will issue a Prequalification Proposal Letter of Financing. In this letter the details of financing are spelled out; in many cases we have been able to obtain 125% of value funding with attractive terms. This process save us some time to sell your practice faster.

Prescreen Prospective Buyers

We have some prospective Buyers in our database; these are Licensed Dentists, Physicians who are currently working as an associate and seriously looking to buy a practice. Your time is  valuable to us, therefore we won’t waste it with inquirers who are not qualified to acquire your practice.



Advertising Your Practice in Confidence

Your practice without name and address will be advertised in our websites, it will flow to many other websites. We run ads in American Dental Association, and Dental Association of the state practice is located. We send a one page Blind Profile of Practice to Dentist who are licensed in your state. We work hard to sell your practice in shortest possible time.

Buyer/ Seller Meeting

After screening all prospects, we will conduct a confidential meeting between you and a Buyer who we feel is almost ready to make an offer. We believe Buyer and Seller must like each other to consummate a transaction. After Buyer/Seller meeting Buyer may present his/her offer by LOI, Letter Of Intend to us. At this stage we help you to negotiate the price and other terms in LOI.

Due Diligence and Closing

After completion of Due Diligence Legal Counsels prepare final closing documents and credentials. After Settlement is done you provide training based on mutually agreed term for smooth transition.

Financial information and practice identification remain confidential and available only to serious and qualified buyers. Similarly, buyer information is kept confidential as not to jeopardize current employment.

for a free and CONFIDENTIAL consultation.