Helping You Find The Practice That Is Right For You

Buying a Practice

What can we offer to our buyers?

Free Confidential Meeting

Our expert Practice Broker will have a free confidential meeting with you to learn more about your practice interests and if it is the right time for you to acquire a practice. You help us to know the size and type of practice regarding number of operatories, gross production, number and position of existing employees, fee structure, clinical equipment,  and your interest in advanced technology, digital networking and paperless option. We also discuss more details about our professional service.

Practice Valuation and Having Professional Consultants

We show you how practice valuation is done and importance of knowing the fair market value of a practice.  You will lean why and how you should have right professional consultants on your side.

Making an offer and Asset Allocation

When you make an offer you must be certain that you are 100% protected against any possible misrepresentation. We coordinate this process by Letter of Intend in coordination with professional consultants. Asset Allocation is an important factor to be considered in acquisition, we will educate you about this important subject and show you how that could have significant impact on tax consequences.

Due Diligence

After your offer is made your Due Diligence period starts. In this process we assist you how to review and analyze all documents, and information including Financial Statements, Tax Returns, Practice Procedure report, Property Lease Agreement, contract with Associates and employees, Lease Agreement for clinical equipment, and any other maintenance agreement.

Government Sponsored SBA Practice Financing

Application and required documents for SBA (7a) financing seems very complex and time consuming. We provide you assistance to prepare an attractive loan package including Business Plan. We have established a great working relationships with major SBA Preferred Lenders who are specialized in Professional Practice (7a) and (504a) Financing. You are free to interview them and choose one of them or your own Lender. Our Professional experts can help you to get the best rate and terms from a practice lender.

Closing and Settlement

You need to make sure your credential for insurances are processed right and on timely manner for new practice before closing. If you feel comfortable with your Due Diligence we will guide you through closing documents and settlement process. Remember you are not alone and your professional consultants are with you all the way through closing.

Smooth Transition

You must make sure transition of practice after closing is done very smoothly and right. We guide you through variety of options for transition after closing to maximize existing patient retentions and how to keep existing employees to work for you with maximum efficiency.

Congratulation you now own your own practice!

for a free and CONFIDENTIAL consultation.