Helping You Find The Practice That Is Right For You

If you are a dentist interested in buying or selling a dental practice, you have come to the right place. We are affiliated with the largest business brokerage network in the world. By providing the most professional, confidential and thorough services to dental practice buyers and sellers alike, we have gained a reputation for sincerity, honesty and commitment to constructing the best professional practice deal for all.

We connect dental practice buyers and sellers together QUICKLY!

Buying a Practice

Owning your own practice is truly every dentist dream after graduation from dental school. You may have worked as an associate and tired of working for someone else, want to be your own boss, surround yourself with the people you like to work with, and create your own financial independence; or you may own a practice and intend to expand your operation. Our professionally trained Practice Brokers can help you to simplify the buying process and expose you to the most qualified Practices.

Practice Valuation & Financing

Before you decide to buy or sell a practice you need to determine fair market value of a practice. Valuation is a complex process and must be done by experienced practice appraiser. Our professional practice valuation experts offer outstanding valuation service to our practice buyers and sellers.

Financing a practice has its own challenges and seems very complicated and time consuming process. We have worked with Medical Practice Lenders for many years and we are here to make this process simple and easy for both buyer and seller.

Selling a Practice

Is now a great time to sell your Practice?  We have an unprecedented number of qualified dental practice buyers searching for practices. Appropriately priced practices are selling fast. Many practice owners want to sell their practices but they have never sold a practice before and they need help. If you are a successful practice owner, it does not mean you can sell your practice with the best price and good terms. Our Practice Brokers are specialists who will assist and educate you throughout the process.